A very positive buying experience, could not be better thanks Mr Beau.
I returned back to Freedom Harley to look at the Bike I was interested in, my Fit Specialist was Beau Spivey, he was able to accomplish everything I had asked of him, his knowledge of the products was very extensive and impressive enough to give the confidence I needed to pull the trigger and buy a New to me Harley. his friendly personality and professional approach was key to my decision to be a Freedom Harley Customer. While not being in the habit of reviewing businesses I deal with, my experience would have to be either very negative or Extremely positive, I am happy to say that in this case I was more than happy with the buying process and whatever they pay Mr. Beau is not enough lol, when ever I may be in the market for a NEW Harley Davidson Motorcycle I will definitely seek out Beau Spivey to help me with the process. (Employee: Beau Spivey)
Lawrence Stevenson
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